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Discover The #1 Thing You Can Do To Completely Eliminate Accidental and Vibrational Power Cord Disconnects Forever
Simplify Installations, Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency and Reliably Provide Power to IT Equipment with the zLock Universal Locking Power Cord
It's time for you to see for yourself why the zLock Universal Locking Power Cord has become the most reliable locking power cord in the world.  Request your FREE No-Obligation zLock "Seeing is Believing Try It For Yourself" Kit now.
Take the first step towards securely and reliably providing power to IT equipment in your facility. The unique dual-locking design of the zLock Universal Locking Power Cord locks securely at BOTH ends and works with any brand of rack PDU and IT equipment without the need for adapters, clips, sleeves or other gimmicks.
But, you need to try it and see for yourself why zLock will completely eliminate accidental power cord disconnects forever. I guarantee it or I'll buy them back!
Request your FREE no-obligation zLock "Seeing is Believing Try It For Yourself" Kit right now.  Inside your kit you will find:
  • my report entitled "Why Would Anyone Buy a Locking Power Cord Other Than a zLock?"
  • the zLock Spec Sheet
  • the zLock Instruction Sheet that shows just how simple it is to install a zLock cord
  • our zLock Configuration Guide
  • a copy of the Zonit zLock 3-Year Warranty
  • my Personal No B.S. zLock "I Want You To Be 100% Completely Thrilled" Guarantee
  • my "Quick Action Certificate" which entitles you to additional discounts
  • your own 12" zLock Universal Locking Power Cord with a C14 Plug and a C13 Receptacle that you can test, abuse and evaluate to your heart's content to make sure that it is indeed the most reliable, highest quality, unmatched locking cord in the world.
There is no cost to you and you are under absolutely no further obligation after you receive the kit. So, let me show you how the zLock Universal Locking Power Cord has become the most reliable locking power cord on the market and how it can save you money and simplify installations. Simply enter your contact information and we'll have your kit on its way to you within 24 hours.
I’d also like to send you a free report entitled The Top 10 Things Every Data Center Manager Should Know About Power. This brand new, highly informative report, prepared by the power experts at Server Technology, reveals important tips that you and your colleagues absolutely must know in order to maximize energy efficiency in your data center.  Just click the checkbox to the right.
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President, Revco...and the guy that's going to help you avoid a lot of aggravation.
Of course, if you're in a big hurry and want to discuss the zLock cord right now, feel free to call me at...
"Some of our Power Strips do not mate well with any power cord. As a result, some power cords are loose when connected and are easily pulled away from the outlets....We found that people working in cabinets are our main cause of interruption. Also, vibration over time often makes a typical cord lose its grip on the outlet....The zLock cords fix all of these problems. They are an absolute must for rack appliances, especially in high traffic or remote areas."
                                                                                        Mike Musso
                                                                                        Director, Critical Facilities
                                                                                        Broomfield, CO & Charlotte, NC