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WARNING: Don't Buy Any Data Center Lifting Device Until You Consider These 14 Specifications

Purchasing the Wrong Product for the Job May Put Employee Safety at Risk, Result in Damaged Hardware and Waste Your Money!

Choosing the right mechanical lifting device for your server installations is an important decision.  A device that is attractively priced but designed for a completely different purpose may not perform the way you hope and may even be a hazard.  In addition, a product without the proper convenience and safety features may actually make an installation more difficult and dangerous.
We've prepared a brief report that outlines the 14 specifications you need to consider when making your decision about the best mechanical lifting device for your data center.
Our FREE report, 14 Specifications For Choosing a Data Center Lifting Solution, is filled with important information you must know including...
Was the lifting device designed to be used in a data center?
Operating Controls
Are the controls easily accessible from a variety of operator positions?
Platform Stability
How rigid and stable is the platform under load?
Lifting Speed
How quickly can a maximum load be lowered and raised?
Braking System
Does the lift have a secure and reliable braking system that prevents rolling during lifting and installation?
...and more.
There is no cost to you for your FREE report and you're absolutely under no further obligation.  So, let me show you just how easy we'll make finding the right data center lift.  Simply enter your contact information and you'll be able to download your report immediately.
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